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Dear member

The 2023 South Gawler Football Committee are calling a special general meeting in order to make a change to our constitution.

The purpose of the special meeting will be to amend paragraph 14 of our constitution to the following:


1. Life members shall be appointed by the Executive.

2. Any member may recommend another member for Life Membership by submitting a nomination for admission as a Life Member to the Executive.

3. The Executive must be satisfied that the nominee for Life Membership is eligible to be considered as a Life Member in accordance with clause 14 (4) before voting on whether to admit the nominee as a Life Member of the Club.

4. Eligibility for nomination as a Life Member:

(i) In order to be eligible for Life Membership, a member must have accumulated a minimum total of 60 points.

(ii) Points are allocated in accordance with the following matrix:

Role Points

President, Secretary, Treasurer 6 points

Committee Member (Other Role) 5 points

Senior Grade Head Coaches 4 points

Team Managers, Senior Assistant Coaches

Junior Coach and Trainer 3 points

Volunteer Roles (paid or unpaid) incl goal umpires

runners, Junior assistants, timekeepers, Water Runners,

Canteen and Bar Staff. 2 points

Senior Players 2 points

Paid Up Club Member 1 point

Senior Players 5 points for every 100 senior games played

(iii) Points shall be calculated yearly with the maximum points attained in any one year being 6 points.

(iv) Any member holding multiple roles during a year, shall only have one role counted in that year’s points allocation with such role being the role allocated the highest points from the matrix.

Just for clarity the current clause reads as follows

Life members shall be appointed by the Executive. Any member may nominate another member for Life Membership to the Executive. Eligibility for Life Membership is ten years service to the Club.

As you can see the changes we make are much more prescriptive and put some guidelines in place surrounding life membership. The other thing to be aware of is that it is also harder to be eligible under the proposed changes as there is no way of becoming eligible without first doing the 10 years service (the current eligibility). We believe this keeps this exclusivity and prestige of the honour but also assists to take out the subjectivity of it based on committee opinions.

Please note the special meeting is called in accordance with paragraph 10 of our constitution.

A copy of the current constitution can be found on our website.

Kind Regards

South Gawler Committee.


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